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Prolo & Integrated Medicine takes pride in the fact that regenerative medicine is considered a safe and minimally-invasive means of natural healing. Treatments typically include injections to the affected area over multiple sessions. The number of sessions you need and the intervals between those sessions may vary. The amount of sessions is influenced by the extent of the injury or pain. Dr. Walter Grote will determine what option is best for you. Your patient history, a physical examination, and other necessary testing will allow him to evaluate your potential success with one of the procedures listed below. The three major types of regenerative medicine that he may prescribe include prolotherapy, platelet-rich plasma, and stem cell therapy.

01 Prolotherapy

Below is a list of more specific conditions that could potentially be treated with regenerative medicine techniques, whether it be via prolotherapy, PRP (platelet-rich plasma), or stem cell therapy.

02 Platelet-Rich Plasma

This method involves taking advantage of the natural healing properties of our blood’s platelets and plasma. Blood is drawn from the patient and processed in a centrifuge to be injected into the injured area. This way, the body is using its own platelets to heal itself instead of undergoing physical alterations through surgery.

03 Stem Cell Therapy

This most advanced option centers around using stem cells collected from fat in the patient’s abdomen. They are then injected into the site of the injury or pain. Stem cells can meet healing needs within the body by producing regrowth among the damaged cells. After stem cell therapy, we then introduce platelet-rich plasma. These two therapies work together to create the best healing results.
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